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  This is the AT Chaplain’s girlfriend, Jen. I know it’s been a while since anyone has heard from Josh so I thought I’d take this opportunity to pilfer his blog and give an update. We sent Josh off from Springer Mountain, Georgia on Wednesday, April 4th in the rain and sleet. Since then he has hiked more than 60 miles! Saturday he did 13.1, Sunday was 15.0, and Monday was 13.4. He is now within a few hiking days of the Georgia/North Carolina border. He is, however, going to take 1-2 zero days coming up and spend some time in town…Apparently some rest and a shower are in order. He’s loving every minute of this hike, even the cold/wet ones, and is generally just doing wonderfully! Here’s one of the pictures of the scenery he took on Saturday. Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!



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  1. Jen, thanks for the update…keep them coming. I have been in touch with his Dad and Mom, but it is always good to have any additional news and especially photos.

  2. Josh, Prayers to you for wellness, acceptable weather, strong feet and back. We hope to see you in June “Michigan Church Guys”

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